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Lana was born in Moscow, Russia but grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. Towards the end of the 1980’s, she immigrated to the United States of America.

Her parents were big fans of music. At home, they always had friends over where they had these musical gatherings. From the age of 5, Lana was able to play melodies on the piano solely by hearing them. One of little Lana’s biggest loves was a song called “Kohana.” “As soon as the song played on the radio that was hanging in the foyer of our house, I would run to my room, sit down at my brothers desk, place a book in front of me, pretending it is sheet music, and would pretend to play and sing along emotionally from the top of my young lungs.”
Lana’s musical road was not an easy straight path. At the age of 7, Lana was not able to be part of children’s choir of Ukrainian radio and

television, because of her parents did not have time to take her to rehearsals .

From the age of 14, she was freelancing, playing different weddings. At one of her events, Lana was offered a tryout to Kiev Variety Circus School. “All I had to do was cross the street but at one point I became afraid and I left.”

Lana completed her variety vocal studies at Jazz School taught by Larisa Dmitrievna Varga. She also received training in classical vocal by Dariya Arhipovna Spravtseva who worked with Maria Bieshu, Russian and Moldovan opera singer known for one of the most prized performances for the role of Chio Chio San. Lana’s teacher compared her voice to that of Nadezhda Andreevna Obuhova.

After immigrating to the USA in 1989, Lana began her career as a singer in Philadelphia singing a variety of Russian genres in a Russian restaurant. In 1994 at one of the jazz nights, Lana heard Wendy Simon, one of the best improvisational jazz singers in the genre of Skat, and asked about vocal lessons, in turn receiving her phone number. It turned out that at the same time that Lana was taking vocal lessons from Simon so was future super star singer Pink, but they never ran into each other. In 2002, Lana met Owen Brown, one of the best musicians in the world today. Owen became not only Lana’s vocal teacher, but mentor, personal trainer and dietitian. Owen is known among music circles around the world. Some of his well known clients include Mary J Blige, Jill Scott and many others. Owen and Lana are working on a collaborative Jazz project in which two of the songs, both music and lyrics are written by Lana. Lana Green discovered her talent for composing at the age of 12, but it remained spontaneous. “I cannot sit and just produce. If something comes to me, those feelings are easier to express through music and then I write in the same breath.”

Igor Poklad, creator of “Kohani” was impressed how delicate and professional Lana performed this song, modernized it and gave it new life.

Lana Green is a polarizing singer with a charming and powerful voice and a 2.5 octave range. Songs performed by Lana are not just sung, they are lived by her from the first to last note, from the first to last sound and breath and therefore this provides an emotional response from her audience.

Lana Green: “My mission is to bring love to all people through my songs”

Owen Brown Jr.
Моя команда

A songbird born in Russia, groomed in the USA in Jazz Voice, Lana Green sings with a wonderful passion that will warm your ears and soul.

A Sparkling talented singer, Lana began Singing and playing the Piano at the age of 5.

Her rich voice goes from a mysterious contralto up to a sublime mezzo-Soprano.

At home with Russian Folk and Pop, she transitioned to Jazz under celebrity Vocal Guru Dr. Owen Brown Jr. ( Mary J Blige, Jill Scott, Teddy Pendergrass).

Her new music is a blend of Jazz, Latin, and Folk Grooves with Lush arrangements and awesome musicians.

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